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A Few Words from the Creator

Today you read about rape in the newspapers almost every day. You become anxious and wonder why no one does anything about it. However, media is starting to focus more attention on the matter, more and more women step out and talk about it. I believe this is because we are finally starting to react and take a stand against violence.
Nevertheless, it is still the case that many women choose not to report abuse. They are ashamed, they are afraid of not being heard or risk being exposed to further violence. Often it is a case of word against word in a trial and it is difficult for a woman to win. In a potential lawsuit, blame is often put on the woman with focus on whether or not she did something to provoke the attack. Had she had too much to drink? Was she wearing provoking clothing? Did she have a history of multiple sexual partners? Did she say anything to lead him on? How did she first react to the situation?
The penalty for rape is very low. In a majority of cases tried, the accused will not be convicted. I believe the problem lies deeper than we think. The question at heart is why some men decide to commit this heinous act. It is not a question likely to be answered in a day. It will take time. But we must not despair. We can actually begin here and now by thinking about the problem and how to solve it. Then maybe our grandchildren can finish what we have started and stop the violence completely.
Fashion against rape is created to be a campaign for women’s rights. It is supposed to bring light to this big question and reach out to all those in need of this product. Since women are the ones in need of this belt, this product is designed to be trendy and fashionable. And accessible!
In addition, it is not an expensive product to neither manufacture, nor purchase. At the moment, I’m searching for movements, companies, organizations or even celebrities to help promote this product, introduce it to the public and reach out to women all around the world. I also need help finding a manufacturer for mass-production of the belt.
If you are interested in helping me, interested in buying the product or contribute in any other way, please don´t hesitate to contact me!