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About the product


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How does it work?

The idea of ​​the product is that wearing the belt will make it more difficult for the rapist to remove the victim’s pants!

The product consists of two laser cut metal plates. The plates are bent and formed into an additional buckle that attaches to the outside of your ordinary belt. In order to open it, you need to use both hands and move a button through a hidden labyrinth  witch, if you are not familiar with the design of the labyrinth, takes time. Some of the main features of the belt include:

·      Hard to open with one hand

This product is designed to be very difficult to open with one hand. This means the abuser cannot hold the women while trying to remove her pants.

·      Takes more time to open than a normal belt

The belt cannot be opened quickly. This gives the victim a chance to fight back, scream and use other products for protection.

·      Cannot be used against you

Unlike other products, such as pepper spray or stun guns, this product cannot be used against the victim.

·      Hidden Labyrinth for protection.

Hidden under the first layer of metal, is a labyrinth that you cannot see when the product is closed. That makes it very difficult to open the belt if you are not familiar with its layout.

·      Constant protection

Unlike a spray or an alarm, a belt is easy to remember bringing when you leave home. You don’t have to DO anything for it to help you. It’s just there, all the time.

Easy to  Use…


  1. Place part 1 on top of the normal belt buckle.
  2. Thread the belt through the loops on the pants
  3. Then tread the end of the Part 2. with a labyrinth  on the end of the belt.
  4. Now close your normal belt.
  5. To close the buckle for protection put the button on Part 1. in the beginning of the labyrinth on Part 2.
  6. Move the button up and down the labyrinth to the end.
  7. The buckle is now closed. To open go backwards.