This is a campaign that has been launched to help women. The idea is that with the help of fashion, developing products that keep women safe.

The product is the first in a series of products and protects women by

It is difficult to open.

You need two hand to open it, meaning the rapist can not hold the women while opening the belt.

It can not be used against the woman.

And it takes a long time to open it so you have time to fight back and escape.

There is a need for better security products today and this is a new way of looking at it. If one can prevent or delay the perpetrator, there is time to flee or fight back and scream for help.
Many women today use alarm and spray protection, but they are easily forgotten in the bag or at home. This product is always fixed on the body, which makes it always protecting, plus it looks good so that women would use the product.

I think we all want a better world, where no one is afraid to go out, and the first steps we need to do is:

to understand that women feel afraid of the opposite sex.

And work actively to change the situation for women.

It´s sad that this kind of product will be needed in 2013, in a civilized humanity.

And if you think that this product is unnecessary, you’re right, we could also change the world, to a place where everyone can go out whenever they want without fear. Where women do not need to protect themselves but are respected by men.
But ask any woman in your surroundings, most women have felt fear at some point in their life and it should not have to be that way.

We have to start somewhere, so starting the campaign is a first step that I hope you will join us to help and support.

Can you only contribute $ 5, you have helped!

I believe in the idea and know that the product already has protected women against rape. Now I just need help to take the company, the idea and the campaign in real life as more women get the chance to feel safe!



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